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What is a Signature Look.

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Capsule Your Style

Uncovering your signature look.


There are so many enticing styles to choose from, so many options, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. That is why knowing how you want to be feeling in your clothing is so important. If you feel good, comfortable and confident then you are in the right type of outfit and style.

Another question you must ponder is are you dressing for fashion, function or comfort,this helps in determining what fashions will best be suited to your particular life and style.


So, let’s dive in here shall we.


Describe the following looks:

 Retro - eras gone by, think 50’s, 70’s, ect. These looks have a very time period feel about them and they can also combine with other looks very easily.


You can see in the photos here what I mean by a 70’s vibe. Think Hippy Style, It is a very bohemian feel about it which is also a popular current style right now. these colours are very true to the time period, think burnt orange, sage green, dark brown and ivory and red.

These are some of the style that make up this very distinct look.

Retro - Looking at the fifties, this can also come under a retro look.


Think polka dots, stripes, the colour red, yellow, black and white. The fifties also have the Jackie Kennedy influence and Coco Channel which leads us to the original Classical Look and one that is very easy to adapt to today. Think classic line, cuts and colurs. Neutrals and soft shades of colour show up here in this look.


Let’s jump forward to today and see what ladies ae wearing when it comes to the Classic Chic look and style. And how you can find similar styles to the previous eras we just talked about.


Here again you will find classic cuts, pencil skirts, casual dress trousers, blazers and the classic white shirt. This look is timeless and one that is so easy to adapt with other looks and styles.



 Kate Middleton comes to mind when I think of todays Classic Style.

So which one are you? Usually we are a combination of 2 or 3 styles, and remember as we change and grow our style should come along with us.


You will find that once you start digging and creating your own signature look your confidence and self image will really start to take off and you will begin stretching yourself in other areas of your life too. That is what The Female Entrpeneur Style Society is all about. A place for women to grow and stretch themselves into the woman that they have always wanted to become. If you are not a member of our Facebook group why not join in now and become one of our founding members, just click the link below.

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