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The mindset behind what we buy.

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Do feel overwhelmed with all the shopping choices these days? Do you do more online shopping then what you would like?

I know the choices can become overwhelming, searching and surfing online can be such an easy distraction from our everyday life. The ease of the click of a button, the anticipation of the delivery, the fun of opening the package once it arrives.....

These are all feel good emotions and these actions cause a great dopamine hit.

However when it comes to doing our monthly or weekly budget these feel good purchases can cause us more grief then release if we were not being intentional about what we buy.

This is why it is so important to shop with intention. I have been victim to hitting the malls with no intention except that I felt like shopping. This is when we are most likely to purchase those items that end up still hanging in our closets with the price tag still on.


Or maybe you see a gorgeous piece of clothing on someone and just have to have it, only to find out that it is not really your style, or maybe the colour is wrong or it just does not fit right. Or how about those pieces we purchased and have the intention of returning them, but just never got around to it? These are all symptons of not knowing what your signature style is and not having figured out the type of clothing you want to feel good in.

You can make the choice to dress for fashion, comfort or style, or you can be like me and want to have all three combined into one great wardrobe.

The best thing you can do for yourself before you purchase another thing is to figure out what you want your signature style to be and to figure out how it ties into your business and brand.

By no means am I saying that every piece of clothing must be brand and camera worthy, not at all. What I am saying though is that when we build a signature wardrobe focused on who we are becoming, what are brand and values are, we are more likely to spend wisely.

The first step though is to figure out what we want our signature style to be, how it fits our fits our day to day life, and also fit in with our brand style.

By doing this we can show up always feeling camera ready. We can build our wardrobe with a curated capsule ( a capsule wardobe is a curated wardrobe based on 15- 20 pieces of clothing that all go together well).This style of dressing allows you to have add on pieces that speaks to who we are and who, our brand and values. 

A good place to start if you are just begining your style journey is with our Vision Your Style Course.  In this course we go on a scavenger hunt to uncover exactly what styles you love, how you can combine those styles to create your own signature look. This affordable course also comes with a one to one coaching session that can help you uncover your next steps.

Another thing you can do if your focus is style and being camera ready is to join our FBgroup Be Camera Ready Now. In the group I share tips and tricks for showing up on camera with style and flair.

So for today friends that is a wrap.

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