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Your Signature Style Starts with Mindset.

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Style Mindset

As a female entrepreneur it is so important that we feel good in our own skin. The range of duties that we juggle are tremendous and exciting. From copy writing to content creation for videos, photos, zoom calls and going live, never as our self image been so important.


When we feel good in our skin and with the reflection we see in the mirror we are able to show up feeling empowered and energized in putting our best foot forward.

Your Style also has an impact on how quickly you can create your dreams. When we do the work on our mindsets and blocks it frees us up to show up and Be the person we were and are meant to Be.

Once we have that part figured out then we are able to create our style.

When we are being the person we have always wanted to be, and we wear the style that is authentic to our values and brand, then we can show up in a much better way to do the work and have our dreams come into reality.

That is where the Be, Wear, Do and Have come in.

It really is that simple, when we break things down into managable and doable pieces we are then much better able to show up for ourselves. 

Our Style is the first thing people notice whether in real life or in the digital online world. Let's take a quick look at the definition of Style and Fashion.




Style is so much more than what we wear, and is not to be confused with fashion. The two are very different, like night and day really.


a particular procedure of how something is done. A manner or way.

a type of appearance or presentation.


a way of dressing at a particular time.

 To me style starts by the way of how we do things and how we treat ourselves. It starts with a mindset of how we want to show up. in our world and it effects everything around us. From the type of car we drive to the way we decorate our home.  style is in every part of our lives.

When we uncover and get to know our selves on a very intimate level we are then able to create our own signature look and style. Even our values can come into play here when you start adding enviromental issues, ethics and values....what we choose to wear says alot about who we are and what we believe in. It also tells the world how we feel about ourselves.

This is why the courses I am creating are so important now more than ever. The business world is not how it was even a couple of years ago. Now more then ever we are working from home and so much now happens virtually. By understanding how we show up on camera and the way we present ourselves speaks so loudly to the world and is a huge relection of our business.

Sometimes all we need is a simple tweak here and there and other times we may need a full over haul, either way I am here to help you and would love for you to join our private Facebook Group " The Female Entrepreneur Style Society." It is a great communtiy of like minded women who want to show up as their best selves for their business and each other. We have weekly lives, Q&A's and from time to time we highlight a member to share what they do or what their specialty is. So come on in to The Female Entrepreneur Style Society  and let's get your style sorted.


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