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Sober 38 years and Counting.

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Today I was wondering about what to blog about and then it hit me.

I am sober now for 38 years. It seems like such a long time doesn't it?

I don't often reflect back to that time in my life when I took my last drink...but today seems like the perfect day to do just that.

I had my last drink when I was 23 years old. So young right? However by that time I had already been drinking for 13 years. Most of the heavy drinking was condenced into the last 4 years of my dinking career. Until then it was more of an off and on kind of thing and drinking myself into nothingness was not the goal when I was younger.

At first drinking was fun, I did not experience any blackouts and it seemed to give me the burst of courage that I so needed at that time. This was all happening during my first round of modeling and being in the fashion industry. I was teaching at one of the top agencies at the time in Canada. I was doing a lot of runway work, some commercials and promotional work also. I was able to keep it all balanced for awhile...then things started to change. Falling up the stars at a big fashion show in Ottawa could have beeen one of the warning signs, but it was not for me. Missed auditions, appointments with my agent and bags under my eyes was becoming the norm and my clothing just was not fitting the same way. Alcohol makes you bloat.

My problem solving initially for this was to get drunk earlier in the day if I had an appointment, audition or booking the next day. That did not work for to long and shortly after I decided on a geographic cure and moved to Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. This was the time when Ft.Lauderdale was the place to go during March Break and the remake of " Where the Boys Are" movie with Heather Locklear was being filmed. 

I got invited to be an extra iin the movie by the director and of course I screwed that up to. So many times I had the oppourtuity to do a job that would propel my career forward and each time I continued to screw it up.

Fast forward to the day of my last drink. My Dad was visiting me in Toronto, he had been sober for one year at this time, he was 65. I was in a desperate situation, unemployable and could not look myself in the mirror without feeling tremendous disgust in how far I had fallen. I ended up in hospital that night due to a suicide attempt. It was my last drink, the date April 27, 1984. 

Back in the here and now I look back in wonder, from the girl sitting on a barstool in the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto thinking I would not live past 35 to today having 38 years sobriety, raised 3 beautiful children to adults going after their own dreams, having a gorgeous grandson and another on the way, to being in a place to create my own dream business of guiding and inspiring other women to be and to become all that they can, for themselves, their life and their business. I have had much success along the way during my sobriety so far.

The school of hard knocks is not the one I recommend for everyone, however if you can learn from anyone who is a graduate from this university they will have buckets of wisdom and pitfalls to avoid to share with you. Nothing shouts wisdom like expereince and heaven knows I have a ton of that.

So Let's Shift Gears,

Right now I am in the throws of putting the final touches on my upcoming online event

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