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No is a Complete Sentence.

save energy save money save time saying no

No. It is a two letter word that is a complete sentence. How often do we forget that though?

Today during our third interview for our upcoming online event "Be Camera Ready Now, Spring 2022" the speaker reminded me of this truth.

Saying no can sometimes be a challenging thing, if we let it...and I know it is hard to put saying it into practice, but I think "NO" is one of those neccessary words that we need to practicee being confident and comfortable saying. 

It can keep us from overwhelm, it can stop limiting beliefs and free up our time. It can also relieve self sabotage and the negative self talk that we sometimes say to ourselves either vocally or within our minds. You now the kind of statements I am talking about.

  • I could never do that.
  • I can't say no, what will they think of me.
  • I could never wear that.
  • they won't like me if I say no.

And really the list could go on and on. Self sabotaging thoughts are the first thing we need to say no to. We need to say no to all the things that do not light us up. It seems the older I get the more cemented these truths become to me.

It is a lesson I wish I would have learned to integrate much sooner. It would have saved me a ton of grief, a truck load of disappointment and perhaps even opened up more possibilities for me.

If I could do one thing with what leaning to say no has done for me it would be sharing it with you. The sooner and earlier this lesson can be learned in your life, the more possibilities and oppourtunities it can open up for you.

It is a word that comes from a place of love when raising our young children and wanting to keep them safe. It is a word that can save us time, energy and yes even money.

It is not just a word we need to say to others but it is also a word that we need to embrace saying to ourselves. It can empower us, it can help us and it can give us the freedom we so all deserve and desire.

Yes, saying no is a complete sentence and one we all need to practie saying more of. How can you implement this word more into your day to day life? How can you make it an action word to free up your time, space and life? Yes saying no is a power word we need  to use often.

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