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Networking, why is it so important.

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Networking, the How, the What and the Why.

Let's start off with the meaning of networking:

  1. - interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.
    "it's so important to network when starting a new business"
    Whether you love it or hate it networking is such a potent way to grow your business and develope new contacts. It is the best way to find future people to collaborate with.
    I have collaborated with close to 100 different people over the last number of months and I have learned alot and find it inspirational. 
    Networking in person and online takes many different forms. From live get togethers, where there may or may not be presentations or workshops, to the large array of online oppourtunities through Zoom, Facebook groups and Clubhouse, there are many oppourtunities to connect and network with othe female entrepreneurs. 
    Personally, I am very much an introvert/extrovert and what I mean by that is that I thrive with lots of alone time. However, I also do enjoy meeting others and getting out to be social.
    These times are always followed by some down time so I can recharge. I often admire those that gain energy from large groups, it amazes me how we are all so different with these type of things.
    It is so important to know your own energy flow and to stay true with it.
    For today's focus though I am going to share my top tips for in person networking.


     Top ten tips for networking at in person events:

    1.  Plan ahead. What do you hope to achieve at the event?
    2. If there is a list of attendee's available, who do you want to connect with?
    3. What type of event is it?
    4. How will you introduce yourself and explain what you do? Have your business statement        ready to go.
    5. If you have business cards bring them.
    6. Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
    7. Take photo's to share on social and tag the event co ordinator and people in the shots.
    8. Have an open mind.
    9. Prepare a few questions at the ready that you can ask people about.
    10. Most importantly have fun and reach out, even introverts can do this for a little while.

    And of course we must address our attire and style.




    It is so important that you feel very comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. It is a scientific fact that our style as a huge effect on our mindset and how others perceive you. So be sure to pick out an outfit you feel powerful in.

    Err on the side of caution when it comes to dressing for the event whether in person or online. It is always better to be slightly over dressed then to be under dressed. Also knowing your signature style can help you tremendously with this. If you would like to book your FREE Style Me Up 50 minute call with me just contact me here or shoot me a DM on our Facebook Page here and we will get you styled up.

    There is a lot ot ponder here in this post so be sure to comeback to it again. Put it into practice and feel your confidence soar.


    About The Author:

    Heather Chapplain is the Brand Your Style-Style Your Brand Coach & Mentor and draws from decades of experience in the fashion and art industries. She's the Founder of 'Be Camera Ready Now' and is passionate about helping women create their signature style so they can look like movie stars, feel like rock stars and stand out as exceptional in a crowded marketplace.  Show up effortlessly and shine brilliantly whether you're taking the stage, leading a conference or summit, or greeting your clients on Zoom - you'll always be confident and Camera-Ready. 



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