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MET Gala

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That Dress!

I know you most likely know the exact dress I am talking about. I bet I do not even need to mention who wore it. Her first name begins with a B and her last name ends with a Y.

I know some people think that the Met Gala is over the top and there are nay sayers out there but can we stop a moment and appreciate the art work, creativity, design and quality of these pieces.

The Versace team really out did themselves on this one for sure!

I was lucky enough to be in NYC a couple of years ago right after The Met Gala and I was able to see all the incredible dresses and costumes on display. I was blown away on so many levels. The theme that year was Celestial Beings I was in awe.

Every display and exhibit I passed took my reath away and inspired me in my own redsign efforts with my referbished denim line I was working on at the time called The Golden Threads collection.

This collection was a true labout of love and many creative pieces came out of it. My art to wear was going to be featured at The Secret Room Events in L.A. in honour of the Golden Globes 2019. What an adventure that was.

Back to the topic at hand though....I still have my well worn Special Edition VOGUE that went deeply into the back stage part of the Gala that year in 2018. It was so incredible.

It is definately on my bucket list to go back to The Met after another Met Gala, just to check out the designs and creativity in all the art to wear designs that will be worn.

Do you enjoy seeing the garments from the Met Gala? Do you have a fav you would love to be able to wear?


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