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I am Beyond Stoked.


And so very, very grateful to be able to introduce you to these bunch of incredible women I have had the honour of interviewing for Be Camera Ready, Now workshop series.

The Array of women is just incredible, we have a recently published author Christine Luken , Colour Master Jill Kirsh and Podcaster Barbara Abel.

Each of these women bring a different dish to the table. Each one is a master in her chosen profession.

Christine's book is such an easy and practical read and it is for more than divorced women!

Jill has so many stories to tell, from behind the scenes and in the closets of some pretty famous people. She has also been featured in "In Style Magazine" and also in  "Glamour Magazine". The Fashion dynamic duo.

Let's not forget the multi passionate and soul uplifter Barbara Abel, if you have not listend to Barbara's Podcast I highly recomend that you do. The hearts and souls of the people she interviews is nothing short of incredibly inspiring. You really must give it a listen.

So what can you do to get ready for a Free Summit of this quality? Here are my top tips:


  1.  Set aside the time to watch the videos in the Facebook Group daily or get your VIP all Access Pass here, so you have them on demand after each new daily release.
  2. Have a notebook and journal on hand to take lots of notes.
  3. Allow enough time before and after each video to reflect.
  4. Show up in the Facebook Group you can join here, and get visible. This is the place to be for connection and possibole future collaborations.
  5. Attend the live Q&A's everyday. Times will be announced during orientation the night before Be Camera Ready Now starts, May 2, 2022.
  6. Take advantage of all the speakers FREE GIFTS.
  7. Most importantly be yourself in the group, reach out to others and have some fun.

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