Do you ever look at some women and wonder how they do it all and how they do it so well?  They juggle the demands of their family, their house, their profession or business and still manage to take care of themselves.  

Successful women can pull off superhuman feats and have mastered the art of getting things done and I'm about to reveal their secret!

It's 1 word:  HABITS 

Our life is literally the result of the choices we make and the habits we create, and follow. 

Of course, it does take effort to shift our mindset to a winning one, to find belief about what's possible for ourselves, and then cull the helpful strategies to help us create what we want.  Yes, it does require conscious effort to apply them in our life, and then create positive habits to help set ourselves up for success in life and in business, but it's worth it!  

Here are the best strategies I've picked up from the successful women in my life: 

  • Become a master of time & schedule - prioritize the priorities  
  • Understand the value of self-care and schedule white space right into each day/week/month to recharge and rejuvenate 
  • Set goals that align with the vision for success
  • Be a life-long learner - be open to gaining knowledge and growing
  • Understand that consistency is key to excellence 
  • Practice gratitude regularly - it's a life-changer
  • Value community and collaborations - we are the average of the people we spend time with
  • Go for it!  Don't wait around for the timing to be perfect, chase those dreams, goals, and desires
  • Ask for help or support - while everything can be figured out, getting the answers from those who already know will get you there faster
  • Declutter - prune away the excess and the things in your life that don't serve you or hold you back
  • Make time for creativity - pursue your hobbies, develop your talents
  • Lead by example.  Walk the talk
  • Maintain clarity of focus.  Leave the multi-tasking habit in the dust where it belongs and focus on one thing at a time for excellence in everything you do.
  • Understand that when pursuing mountaintop goals, it's not going to be an overnight achievement 
  • Be solution-oriented and forward-moving - she leaves the past in the past where it belongs
  • Take Action - nothing happens unless there's focused action behind the intentions
  • Strive for excellence but celebrate the progress.  Recognize the little things, the smaller wins, and successes.  Embrace the process and have fun. 

Successful women know that achieving all they want is an ongoing process. They know what they want to achieve, they set goals, evaluate progress along the way and adjust their actions to move from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. 

I've found that one of the biggest confidence thieves is feeling uncomfortable in our clothing. 

Understanding personal style is first and foremost, an inside job. 

It helps to be clear about what we love, how we want to show up in the world, and where it is we want to go.   A good place to start when putting the pieces of the puzzle together is to evaluate our values.  What do you want to be known for?  What message do you stand for? Understanding those elements can help you create your own signature branded style.  

Having a curated capsule wardrobe will allow you to show up feeling effortlessly chic, save you time, build your confidence, and will help you be camera ready at any time.

Hey... did you know that your style and wardrobe choices tell a story? If you'd like to make that story one of success or if you'd like a quick confidence booster, I'd love to chat.  In the Style-Up-Confident Session (It's FREE for community members), we'll chat about how you'd like to show up and begin to create your signature style around it. Let's take your brand and business to the next level - you'll look like a movie star, feel like a rock star, and always be camera ready.

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Heather Chapplain is the Brand Your Style-Style Your Brand Coach and Mentor and draws fromrom decades of experience in the fashion and art industries. She's the Founder of 'Be Camera Ready Now' and is passionate about helping women create their signature style so they can look like movie stars, feel like rock stars and stand out as exceptional in a crowded marketplace.  Show up effortlessly and shine brilliantly whether you're taking the stage, leading a conference or summit, or greeting your clients on Zoom - you'll always be confident and Camera-Ready.