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Wow, this week is a really full one! I went back to the gym for the first time in over... I do know how many months. But I did it and I am celebrating. Celebrating how? With sore muscles of course, but it hurts so good, right?

I thought in this week's blog post I would share an update on everything that is going on here at The Female Entrepreneur Style Society. We are in the throws of doing 30 day's of live's. on our Facebook Page, New YouTube Channel and Instagram. This is a first for me. I seem to be doing a lot of firsts this year. I hosted my first online event this past January called Be Camera Ready Now. I learned so many lessons, mostly good but some hard to. I also did my first Podcast Interview with Living Life Healthy I was also featured on Joy Unleashed International.

I am telling you all this because I never thought I would actually be in a place to do this kind of thing. And even though it can sometimes be hard, more than not it is so full of joy. I am so grateful to be able to do the things I do. The thing I love to do the most is to help, inspire, encourage and cheer other women on. That is what it is about for me, that is always what it is about.

I am dedicated to being in the here an now. To focus on all the good and learn from the challenging moments. 

I normally have this blog post out by 8:00am in the morning, hence the title flying in under the radar. You see my word of the year is Consistency, and showing up weekly for this blog is currently on my radar.

Also to let everyone know we have our first mini course offering "Vision Your Style". I love watching ladies work through this, it is so revealing.  Do you know what your Style Is? Why not check it out, I will leave you with this quote " Elegance is good taste, with a touch of Daring". I can not remeber where I heard it though. 😍

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