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Can Clothing Help Heal Past Trauma?

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We all know that fashion can be a great way to express ourselves and show off our individual style, but did you know that the clothes we choose to wear can also be used as an effective tool for healing from past traumas? It’s true! The clothes we put on each day can bring us comfort, help us create a sense of safety, and even provide a distraction from our pain. Let's explore how clothing helps us heal from trauma.


The Power of Comfort Clothing

One way clothing helps us heal is by providing us with a sense of comfort. When we’re experiencing pain or trauma, it’s easy to feel powerless and out of control. By focusing on something as simple as our clothing, we have an opportunity to take back some power. We can choose clothes that make us feel powerful and secure—clothes that give us the comfort we need, to cope with what lies ahead. Whether it’s your favorite oversized sweater or your most comfortable pair of jeans, wearing items that bring you comfort can help ease your pain and make you feel safe again.


The Power of Distraction

Sometimes when dealing with trauma, it’s helpful to focus on something other than your emotions or the source of your pain. Choosing new styles and trends in fashion can serve as a great distraction from what we’re going through; it allows us to think about something else for a change and gives us something positive to focus on rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of our situation. It also gives us the chance to express ourselves in creative ways through fashion—a form of self-care, that feels good and doesn't require much effort on our part.

Our clothes are more than just an expression of our personal style; they are a tool for healing from past traumas. Whether it's finding comfort in familiar pieces or using fashion as an outlet for creative expression, clothing has the power to help us cope with difficult situations and keep moving forward despite the challenges life throws at us. So go ahead—try out some new looks, find items that make you feel good and powerful. Simply enjoy dressing up in fun outfits! Your wardrobe is one more resource you have at your disposal when it comes time to heal from past traumas.

Here are three points to consider when dealing with trauma:


  1. If there are any items in your wardrobe that trigger you or bring back negative memories, you need to remove them. It doesn't matter if it is a heirloom piece or cost you a few bucks. Nothing is worth keeping if it is a trigger for you.
  2. Sometimes when we have had major trauma in our life, especially around any type of sexual abuse, it may cause us to feel unworthy. This is so untrue! Isn't it time that we took you life back and allowed yourselve to enjoy whatever makes us feel good? No matter what type of trauma you may have gone through you are worthy of caring for yourself in this way.
  3. Sometimes we use clothing to hide behind, if this is you why not allow yourself to stretch a little and try something new. It can be as simple as a new colored bangle bracelet of some fun socks. When this is your comfort go to but you want to try something new with your style this is a very easy go to.

Conclusion:  We often underestimate the power of clothing when it comes to healing from past traumas; however, by taking advantage of this valuable resource at our disposal, we can have some fun and feel good too. If you want to talk further you you contact me here.




Heather Chapplain is the Brand Your Style-Style Your Brand Coach & Mentor and draws from decades of experience in the fashion and art industries. She's the Founder of 'Be Camera Ready Now' and is passionate about helping women create their signature style so they can look like movie stars, feel like rock stars and stand out as exceptional in a crowded marketplace.  Show up effortlessly and shine brilliantly whether you're taking the stage, leading a conference or summit, or greeting your clients on Zoom - you'll always be confident and Camera-Ready. 


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