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Are you looking for some easy ways to make a statement with your style and your brand? Accessories are an easy and affordable way to create impact with an outfit and to make a memorable statement online.

If you have been tunig in to catch some episodes of our 30 day's of going live you may have heard me mention havng a Power/Signature outfit or accessory that helps you feel confident and unstoppable. 

Well a really good way to experiment with that is through accessories. I look at accessdories as a way to take an outfit from blah to wow in a mere matter of minutes. I did a whole live on this very topic and you can catch it here on my new Youtube channel, while you are there why not hit subscribe so you do not miss out on any of the lives and future style producsts we put out. I would love to have you there.

Back to the tak at hand. I look at accessories in layers. The first layer is bags, footwear and scarves. Any of these items are an easy way to make a statement in your wardrobe. A colourful bag, scarf or pair of shoes can elevate an outfit to the next level. This is where knowing what your signature style is. We just released an online mini course that can help you to uncover what a Signature Style is for you and it comes with a one to one 45 minute style call with moi. It is a great place to start at the begining of your style journey.

Now, lets take a look at that second level of accessories. This is where jewelry comes in. Bracelets, necklaces and earings can add those finishing touches to take you from nice outfit to a spectacular one. I am all for making a bold statement with colour or accessories, but if that is not the look you are after you can create a very elegant and stylish look with some curated hand picked items for your Signature Style. It is all about you and creating the look and style that gives you all the confidence to show up online and be camera ready.

Now let's talk about the Crown Jewels. Hee we are talking hat's and hair accessories. A goog way to gain recognition on line is to have a branded signature hat you wear often. Think a  wool or felt Fedora in the winter and perhaps a star hat in the style that suits you for summer. I have a friend who makes the most incredible oe of a kine hat's you can check out Katherine's offerings here. She was also a featured speaker at our first Be Camera Ready Now, winter workshop series. You check that out here. It is full of some great style and business tips on getting more visible onliine.

Accessories are just that, they are something that helps you to shine. You are the vocal point, you are the main event. Think of it this way. In a nice restaurant you can see some really beautiful garnishes. They are there to make the meal look more appetizing, they are not the main event they are there to enhance the main event. Make sense? 

You can also check out my Fashion Pinterest Board to get more inspirations on creating your signature style. nd don't forget to mark your calendars for the Spring/Summer Be Camera Ready Now Spring/Summer workshop series May 2 - 11. You can join our Facebook Group now to start getting yourself ready and crate more visibility for your online business.

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