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A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.

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Have you heard this saying before? It was invented guessed it, an advertising executive by the name of Fred R. Bernard.

It only makes sense that Fred was in advertising right?

An image or a photograph can say so much about a product, person, place or idea. If the image is not done in a studio you can really tell what the company or person is trying to display or say from checking out the location or background.

It is the same with the emotion in our eyes when we are photographed. Our eyes can convey more than we realize. Happiness, love surprise and more. The expression on our face and whether we are holding tension there, is always very evident in photographs. This is why it is so important to have all the tips and tricks you can to always be camera ready.

This past year I have been experimenting a lot with photo shoots and I am planning on continuing this over the next few months. It does not matter how often we have been in-front of a camera or not. We can  always discover how to present and show up as our best selves so that we can convey the message we are trying to inspire, and for me that is what photoshoots are all about.

Below you will find three photos all taken at the same photoshoot. In this particular shoot I was working with three different photographers, each of who have become friends and dear mentors to me. They are as passionate about being behind the camera as I am about helping other female entrepreneurs in setting up their own branded style photo shoot. This is what makes my heart sing, to see another female break loose in front of the lens.


These three images were all taken at the same shoot. Top left was taken by Irena Kazatsker, the left bottom by Jimmy P. Torres and the one on the right by Andrew Barkhouse. You can see Two were on the same backdrop and then one on a graffiti background. The grafiti background is edgy, fun and could even go in the direction of rock and roll. 

The image with the glasse is purposely done with a surprised look in a corporate style outfit. Perfect for when having a sale or special offer right?

The finale one on the right is soft, fun and inviting, relatable.

This is what we do here at The Female Entrepreneur Style Society. We help you uncover your signature style that is on point with your values and brand so you are able to be fully confident and always Be Camera Ready, whether at a designated photo shoot in studio or on location. 

Also, by having a brand worthy wardrobe, any images you take on a day to day basis will keep things co hesive and true to your business brand style.

You can still purchase our VIP All Access Pass to The Be Camera Ready Now Spring/Summer workshop edition.  You will gain much knowledge and inspiration from that incredible workshop series.

I would also like to give photo credit to three of my all time fav photographers Issac Moscovich top photo on first post image, Mahj Meduccini lower left image on first post image. and Richard Hall lower right photo on first post image. These swimsuit/beach photos were also all taken on one day and the results speak for themselves don't they. In that shoot I was going for empowerment, playful and freedom. Do you think I did it? If you have time check out these photographer on line. Each one is a different style and each one so very talented.

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