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Find Your Capsule Colour Way.

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Colour it is Everywhere.

 When building your first capsule wardrobe it is a good idea to think basic or neutral colours. Why you may be wondering? Well it is because these colours are easy to find in the basic pieces and you can always add colour pops with accessories and add on pieces.

 When you become more comfortable with this style of dressing, you then can explore changing it up a little. However if you are very brave, you can also dive in right away.

 Find below some of the colour ways that would be good for your first capsule wardrobe:


The above colour way is a warmer under tone, and you could totally add any pops of colour of your choosing.

The colour combo above is perfect for spring and you could totally change out the pink for any colour of your choosing.

The combo above is more of a warm colour way with a warm blue. Blue is mostly considered a cool colour but it is my belief that each colour can have a cool and warm version, it all depend on the undertone as you can see above.

The most important thing when choosing the colour way for your signature capsule wardrobe is to know what colours make you feel good and confident in. This allows you to show up with strength and power when doing business meetings, going live, or for   those online Zoom meetings and videos.

Before building your signature capsule wardrobe it is so important to figure out what your Signature Style is. We just released an updated version of our Vision Your Style Course. I strongly suggest that this be the starting point for you on creating a wardrobe that truly allows your heart to sing, and makes putting together outfits an exciting adventure instead of a dreaded chore. You have enough to do, so let's make getting dressed something you look forward to everyday.

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